I'm Tony Smith. Hi.
I'll answer anything

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my fav pic of gas up!!!!


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obama gundam


obama gundam

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Life in circles, it never fucking ends.


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I gotta stop with this second guessing myself… Ugh…

Why would you even give the new pianos become the teeth a chance??? You already know how it’s gonna sound.

I want to be in a crust band so bad. Who has the blast and d-beats???

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feels really shitty hearing people I know talk about a fat girl being gross or ugly because of her body. i wonder if they think the same about me and if we’re not as cool as I thought because of my body.

Can someone please tell this tumblr blogger that they should look in a mirror because they are beautiful? Oh, and that anyone who shames someone for their body has their own image complex to work out???

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